Want to see the eternal beauty of Kashmir? Are you keen to watch some wondrous views of mountains and eye-catching lakes in Kashmir? What are you waiting for? Pack your bags for Kashmir, one of the most gorgeous places in India for vacation. It's always a dream to watch snow-clad mountains. Turn it into reality by coming to Kashmir with your family or partner. Your holiday destination will be remarkable because you have chosen a stellar place in India for your trip. Tourists can do so many things here such as paragliding, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and more.

If you are interested to know some fascinating holiday offers of Kashmir then you must choose the best travel agency like “Ayatri Holidays”. We provide all kinds of customized Kashmir tour packages that can save your money and provide unlimited fun and thrill. With lots of deals and discounts, you must choose “Ayatri Holidays” in lieu of other travel agencies that are offering outdated packages. We believe your Kashmir vacation should go memorable so that you always select our agency for trip days. Our affordable Kashmir Holiday packages provide all essential details so that you never get in trouble during your trip days.

Places in Kashmir that are worth watching

These are some terrific places in Kashmir that allow you to see unmatched beauty. Here we go-

  • Srinagar: Expecting panoramic views? The first place to come with your family or partner would be Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir. We have crowned it the topmost place of Kashmir because it has an alluring Dal lake. Tourists spend quality time there when planning to go to Srinagar for a trip. Numerous key attractions places are in Srinagar such as Indira Gandhi tulip garden, Doodhpathri, Nigeen lake, Betab valley, Pari mahal, Sonamarg, and more.
  • Gulmarg: We have not seen any Kashmir travel package with no Gulmarg, a prime place in Kashmir for tourists. Coming here and watching incredible valleys can force you to stop here and spend your beautiful time with your partner. Nothing is more vital than watching such astonishing valley views. The place Gulmarg is also renowned for doing adventure activities. If you are coming with a group of friends then it would be fun.
  • Pahalgam: Looking for a tranquil destination in Kashmir? How about Pahalgam, a stop of natural beauty all around? If you escape from your hectic work and are looking to find a peaceful environment then Pahalgam is an appropriate place to refresh you. Take a romantic experience with your partner by watching the Lidder river, flowers, snow peaks, cedar trees, and cool wind. You must not cut Pahalgam from your vacation trip plan.

You are looking to make memories for a lifetime. Better to choose the right package for your Kashmir trip. Packages that “Ayatri Holidays” is providing we are sure that no one can provide that much facility. At an efficient cost, you can get an impeccable experience. What’s your plan now? Ready to book your tickets to Kashmir with a brilliant tour package in your hand or not?


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