Kerala, also known as God’s own country is a sublime vacation place for tourists. Those who are in daily hustle-facing life must come with their partner or with family to Kerala. From majestic hills to gorgeous lakes, this place of India is loaded with so many things which are worth it for every tourist to come for a trip. Even it is notorious for scrumptious dishes that you must give a try. How amazing would it be seeing lush greenery all around, cool winds, and walking with your partner? A place like Kerala has everything to turn your BEST vacation dream trip into reality.

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Places in Kerala that are worth watching

These are some must-visit places for tourists if they are only here to watch some stunning destinations.
  • Wayanad:If you are a forest and wildlife lover then your first destination should be Wayanad. Experience of wildlife in Kerala means it is going to be the most amazing moment in your vacation trip. Let us unhide some attractive places in Wayanad: wildlife sanctuary, Chembara peak, etc. Moreover, another tourist attraction plus a picturesque place is Banasura Sagar Dam.
  • Munnar: You escape from hectic schedules and now looking for a tranquil destination in Kerala. Introducing Munnar, an outstanding destination full of incredible lakes and waterfalls. Tourists even call it a picturesque destination. You will experience clear skies, good weather, and hills all around. Spending a great time with your partner here would be the best decision. Munnar has some wonderful places like Kundala Dam and lake, an Elephant arrival spot, Eravikulam national park, and the list goes on. Well, Atukkad waterfall is stupendous too!
  • Poovar Island: Have you ever seen an Island? Not yet? Explore this in Kerala by going to Poovar Island. You will not find many people. Less crowd but provide an excellent experience. Make moments by capturing lovely backwaters. You can also spend hours there with your partner or family. Bear in mind: Poovar island is near Trivandrum airport.

“Ayatri Holidays” will make sure you get a thrilling experience by choosing the ultimate Kerala package. We do not charge high prices as our customized package is suitable for every traveler who is keen to spend a vacation trip with family or partner. The team of “Ayatri Holidays” is available all day all time if you are facing any problem or need any assistance. We can arrange everything that alleviates your efforts in anything. You are going to Kerala to seek rejuvenation so better would be adapting the right package from us.


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