What do you call Rajasthan? The Land of Maharajas or the city of temples? If you are done with the stale places and looking to take a trip experience of the beautiful city then Rajasthan should be first. Those who are excited to see the glorious past history of our work and culture must come here. Because Rajasthan has a rich history and so many places to see, plan your vacation trip here soon. There is no restriction on months as you can come anytime and even take the experience of festival celebration here.

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Places in Rajasthan that are worth watching

Lean budget? Doesn’t matter! We know some exquisite places in Rajasthan that are famous tourist spots.

  • Jaipur: Your Rajasthan tour trip is incomplete without a Jaipur visit. Yes, you have all heard about this Pink city of Rajasthan. If you are coming with your family to explore stunning temples then we have a list of them: Galtaji temple, Akshardham temple, Garh Ganesh temple, Govind Dev Ji temple, and Birla Mandir. The Pink city called Jaipur is even popular for Nahargarh fort and Amber fort. Would you like to go here with your family?
  • Jodhpur: Unlike Jaipur, tourists call the Blue city to Jodhpur because there are a lot of blue-painted houses there. One of the most renowned forts in Jodhpur is Mehrangarh fort. You can spend some awesome quality time in museums, palatial mansions, and restaurants inside the fort. You may have never experienced such things inside the fort so we are sure Jodhpur is also on your list to watch.
  • Udaipur: Just like other cities of Rajasthan, Udaipur is also known as the city of Lakes. Research says Udaipur has around eight eye-catching lakes where you can spend time and enjoy every moment with your partner or family. You will love to see some royal residences here that you have never seen before. Moreover, temples and gardens in Udaipur are also best to see.

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