Taste some thrill by doing these things in Goa

Taste some thrill by doing these things in Goa


Goa is blessed because there are so many things a traveler can do. A top destination for couples, solo travelers, and family groups. You must come here for a fun time. Goa is the #1 tourist destination where you can take a seamless experience of beaches, dinner cruises, river rafting, wildlife sanctuary, and more.

Do you know what things to do in Goa? Are you a newcomer here who is curious to know where to go and what things to do for some adventure? Check this out-

Excited to do some water sports activities?
Not in every place do you take a thrill from water sports activities. Travelers reading this blog should know that Goa is well-popular even for water sports. Take the best experience of water skiing, kite surfing, diving, parasailing, flyboarding, and much more. This would be awesome when coming with a group of friends. Places like Goa offer everything entailing sport fishing and paddle boarding.

Grand Island for couples to spend a great time
Who said Goa is not for couples? The place welcomes all couples to have a romantic experience as Grand Island is one of the finest islands for them. You can expect a scenic view and a jaw-dropping sunset view. The island looks more amazing!

Also, couples can have an immaculate experience of scuba diving and snorkeling. The couples should not miss all these. The beach is in Sautavaddo, Calangute, Goa.

Enjoy a dinner cruise with your family
Your vacation is incomplete when not experiencing a cruise. You may have heard about backwater and sunset cruises but the most outstanding one is the Dinner cruise which is on the Mandovi river.

Everyone would love to watch the beauty of Goa after sunset. As a travel lover, you should not miss it when traveling alone or with a family. On the cruise, make great memories by watching Goan music and Folk dances. The dinner cruise location is Santa Monica Jetty and the pricing starts from Rs 1000 per person.

Who said Goa is not a suitable place for trekking?
Another offbeat thing to do in Goa is trekking. It’s a misconception that trekking is not allowed in Goa. When coming with your friends you can start your trek from eye-catching Dudhsagar falls. It would be intriguing to see milky white color water here.

Capture all this for some incredible memories. Trekking would be fun as memorizing views is hardly seen. The location of this waterfall is Sonaulim, Goa.

We never fail to inform you about Snorkeling activity
Are you traveling to North Goa? Would you first travel to South Goa? Doesn’t matter! Activities like snorkeling are superb. Take the thrilling adventure experience of the water world. This would be amazing for the tourists to watch colorful fishes and corals.

This activity is quite famous as no traveler misses it when spending time in North/South Goa. The locations to do snorkeling water sports activities are Grand Island, Monkey Beach, Bat Island, and Sunny Island.

Final wording: This destination of India is popular even for things like white water rafting, casino, chapora fort, etc. You love to take the best experience of hot air ballooning to watch jaw-dropping views. All these things are surefire when planning to Goa with friends, family, or partner. If a traveler is looking for a top customized Goa tour package from the best agency then come to “Ayatri Holidays”. Not only is the agency loaded with multiple Goa trip packages but also the packages are affordable for every travel lover. “Ayatri Holidays” is the place to grab the best package for every destination like Kerala, Sikkim, Ladakh, etc.

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