Tourist should not skip these 7 Beaches of Andaman & Nicobar

Tourist should not skip these 7 Beaches of Andaman & Nicobar


Tourists will leave no stone unturned when going to Andaman and Nicobar islands. They specially visit here to watch out for exquisite beaches that are worth spending time on. A great place for your holiday destination that has so many things to do. Before you travel, you must be aware of the top-notch beaches of Andaman and Nicobar island. Read this Blog thoroughly to know-

Radhanagar Beach: An ultimate one in Havelock Island 

We want the readers to visit the 7th best beach in the world first. Surprise your partner by showing this gorgeous beach of Havelock Island. A silent place with white sparkling sand and green palm vegetation makes it an exceptional choice to go with your partner. Take some romantic experience by spending hours there and watching turquoise water. For some adventure fun, you can strive for scuba diving.

Vijaynagar Beach: Capture scenic views all around

Another brilliant beach in Andaman and the name is Vijaynagar Beach. You love photography and have one more goal to make a great portfolio of beach views. Your first choice should be Vijaynagar beach where everything is beautiful. From the water to the surroundings, you feel like you are in heaven. Besides photography, you can do swimming and boating with your partner. Everyone is here to refresh themselves in a great environment, so why not come to such stunning beaches of Andaman? 

Try the Elephant ride on Baludera beach 

We have found another peaceful beach for your trip with your partner or family. The name is Baludera beach, a renowned beach in Andaman that has less crowd and the surroundings are fabulous. You would love to do Elephant ride here and make some great memories by coming here for a picnic. We recommend you try swimming with your partner. The water is clean plus gorgeous. Shoot some incredible pictures with your partner here. 

Get an eye-catching view of Merk Bay Beach

We believe nothing can’t be more alluring than Merk Bay Beach. It is in Baratang. Tourists always crave to see lovely views when sitting with their partner on the best beach. You can expect from Merk Bay Beach which gets a minimum crowd but excellent choice to spend amazing quality time. Capture unseen birds by hearing sounds all the time here. Watch out for a stunning sunset view from this beach. It would be intriguing to spot dolphins from here. 

Avis Island beach lets you see the mesmerizing beauty 

This would be your favorite as well. Solo travelers especially come here to get a calm environment so that they can spend hours reading books or revitalizing. The water near to you is so pure and clean that you can watch fish swimming in the water. One of the reasons behind coming to Avis Island beach is to see the sunset view. Because it gives you a breathtaking view, we are sure you will recommend everybody to come here with their partner or family. 

Butler Bay beach: An incredible for swimming and surfing 

So many beaches are providing the elephant ride amenity. One of them is Butler bay beach. It is awesome for this and also the right choice to come for swimming and surfing. Hold the hands of your partner and sit under a tree to watch calm water and yellow sand. For relaxation, this beach is a magnificent choice. Take a nap here or else go for trekking from this Little Andaman beach. 

Sandbar between Rose and Smith Islands 

For some fun, walk with your partner from one island to another. We always recommend couples not to miss this because it is the best place for spending time. You can also take the swimming experience with your partner together. Under the top five categories of best beaches to come with your partner, “Sandbar between Rose and Smith Islands” also exists in that list. Couples also try Snorkeling here! 

Final words: When choosing the best Andaman and Nicobar Tour Packages make sure these beaches are added. You are spending money on your vacation so everything should be worth it. Plus if you are keen to get the perfect customized trip package for Andaman and Nicobar then “Ayatri Holidays” should be on your list. Buy the best holiday package for your memorable trip. 


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