Make an eventful holiday by going to Sikkim

Make an eventful holiday by going to Sikkim


We believe most of you have not seen colorful valleys. You plan once a month but that plan fails because you might not be familiar with the best place to see gorgeous valleys. Sikkim welcomes all the tourists who are looking to refresh themselves or else searching for peace. 

Most of you are excited to watch misty-hills. It might be a dream for many travelers. Pack your bags for the Sikkim destination to make some great memories and turn the trip unforgettable. Ultimately, semi-frozen lakes are the specialty of Sikkim. Would you skip your trip to Sikkim now? Let’s entice you all by letting you know the things you can do in this lovely destination. 

Explore the whole of Sikkim by Mountain biking 

Are you coming here to explore the whole of Sikkim with your friends? Make your trip more adventurous by doing mountain biking here. Witness the gorgeous Sikkim while riding. 

It would be a superb plan that you have never experienced before. Start your bike riding from NathuLa Pass. It’s a dream of many to make memories. We are sure you will not miss it! 

Start your Bonfire scene while doing Camping 

There are a bunch of places in Sikkim where you can do camping. Those who are planning in winter should not miss camping because the weather would be amazing at that time. De facto, you are staying in a camp and the loft mountain is near to you. Almost next-level feeling! It would also be a picturesque place for you. 

Turn your trip into enjoyable by starting a bonfire outside your camp. Do fun activities, play games, spend your time with loved ones, etc. See plenty of untouched sides of this destination. The Goecha La, Dzongri, and Varsey are the best for camping and trekking. 

Paragliding: Time to touch the skies

You may have witnessed paragliding on television and have always been curious to do so. Paragliding on snowy mountains would be a dream come true. Go to Sikkim to do this. One of the ultimate adrenaline-pumping activities that give you the best every moment. 

If you are here to do some fun and adventure then how can you miss this activity in Sikkim? During October month, there is the Annual Sikkim paragliding festival held in Gangtok. At that time, the weather was fabulous. You can do this exceptional activity in Gangtok and Ani Gompa. 

Sikkim is awesome for giving Rafting experience

Why not try a rafting adventure when you are in Sikkim? Crazy rafters who never miss rafting by choosing any destination should come to Teesta river for a rafting experience. We all run from boring life to trying some adventure activities. 

Rafting is something that always encourages us to at least try once to make outstanding memories. Besides this rafting, you can also start your camping on the banks of Teesta. 

Not to forget doing Rock climbing in Sikkim

Maybe you are looking for some challenging activities. Most solo travelers search for rock climbing activities. Make Sikkim your top priority to do this. You can test your strength by doing this adventure activity. So many rocky sports are available here. See all of that and choose where you are comfortable doing this. 

Concluding remarks: Sikkim may be a dream place for all those who are reading this blog. Why not plan after reading all the exceptional points above? Choose the best travel agency and seek a Sikkim tour package that is customizable plus affordable for every travel lover. You can plan with your friends and even come here for a solo trip. By consulting with the best travel agency in Noida they can even provide honeymoon tour packages for couples. Start your trip to Sikkim now! 


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