Expecting to see the finest beaches with a great environment and chill place? Whenever someone talks about all these, a place like Goa strikes our mind. It is one of the most stunning places for travelers who are looking to explore beaches, night clubs, want to try water sports, forts, and so on. Couples looking to spend their memorable days where they can see a lot of breathtaking sights and can enjoy the nightlife must choose this place. Goa is a better choice and one of the most renowned places in India.

Every year numerous tourists come to spend their incredible time by taking the best Goa tour packages. If you are the one who would like to take your partner to Goa then choose “Ayatri Holidays” to get a customized package. We believe travelers must enjoy their vacation time whether the trip is with family or with a partner. The team of “Ayatri Holidays” will take care of everything and provide Goa holiday packages at the best price. What are you waiting for? We aid travelers in vehicle arrangements and also local guide will be there for your assistance. There will be no difficulty in Goa to know which place is spectacular for tourists, which is a popular restaurant, etc. 

Places in Goa that are worth watching 

We are interested to make your memorable trip by letting you know some magnificent places to visit in Goa.

  • Grand Island: The first and the top-most island in South Goa is “Grand Island”. The reason why tourists never miss Grand Island is that here you can do a bunch of water sports activities. Take a boat ride experience with your partner. This would be more fascinating! The most exciting thing would be enjoying the boat ride and watching the dolphins in the middle of the Arabian sea. 
  • Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary: Apart from eye-catching beaches, you can take a wildlife experience too in Goa. Come to Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary which is spread across 8 Km and you can see a wide variety of animals. This wildlife sanctuary has Jackals, Gaur, Sloth bears, Leopards, and so on. Don’t miss seeing birds like the Oriental Dwarf kingfisher and Brown Fish owl. 
  • Baga Beach: Goa is so popular for beaches and how can we not highlight “Baga Beach”? We are sure you would like to take the experience of beach parties. Baga beach welcomes all travelers who are looking for full entertainment and a delightful experience. When coming with your partner we recommend doing Scuba diving to have a romantic experience. Here jet skiing and kite surfing activities also happen.

To book a Goa trip with the best price, all you need to do is just contact us for some exciting packages with discounts. This must-visit place has so many things to do that never makes you feel like you have wasted your money. By arranging everything in your vacation trip, “Ayatri Holidays” only intent is to provide an immaculate experience. Choose the customized package from Delhi to Goa from us for your outstanding trip.


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